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Beginner to Elite, We've got the Right Basketball Camp

Impact Basketball offers 4 different Youth Basketball Camps in Chicago's West Suburbs, each with a different focus and schedule. We have camps starting in July, August, October, December and February.  We have camps for boys and girls in all age groups, skill levels, and positions. Impact Basketball Camps help players improve shooting, ball handling, and decision making with a greater understanding that improves their player efficiency.

We conduct quality, high-intensity, drill based basketball camps that focus on the Fundamentals of Basketball while we develop the skills necessary to advance players performance on the court. These camps will strengthen your athletes’ mentality while boosting their confidence to become more aggressive defensive and skilled players.

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High School

Intermediate/Advanced Level

Sharpen your skills for
your High School Try-Outs

EVERY Sunday Starting
August 23th – October 25th

Beverly Center
3031 South  25th.
Broadview , IL.  60155


4 Sundays $ 120.00

10 Sundays $ 250.00

The High School Back to School intermediate / advanced camp is not for beginners! This month long basketball camp is High Intense Basketball Training. It is a proven effective way of coaching basketball that prepares players for in-game situations by developing specific required skill sets. The sessions are designed to emphasize defense, ball handling, shooting, transition, passing, and footwork focused on developing a well-rounded basketball player. We develop core offensive and defensive fundamentals while providing a fun and winning environment with one hour of Drills and 1 hour of scrimmaging for players.


Beginner / Intermediate Level
Boys Grade 2-8 | Girls Grade 3-8

Where Champions are made.

Session 1  Oct 3,10,17, 24

Session 2 Oct 31, Nov 7,14, 21

Session 3 Nov 28th, Dec 5,12,19


2:00pm to 4:00pm


Beverly Center
3031 South 25th
Broadview ,IL 60155 



$ 40.00

per day  @ the door


$ 120.00

3 Sessions

The Skill Academy 4 month Saturday Basketball Camp is a big part of the Impact basketball system. These sessions will focus on the fundamentals of basketball such as dribbling, shooting, defense and rebounding as well as basketball terminology. The skill development sessions are the foundation of our program and are the very reason our kids do well when participating in their various school teams. Impact has been around for 19 years and is considered as an elite basketball program because of the success of our developmental system. In fact, many of our players go on to play college basketball.  We welcome you to join us and watch the Impact 1-2-3 approach of teaching the fundamentals of basketball which render results.


Middle School & High School


December to February, Sundays 3 - 5pm &
Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm

                           Beverly Center                                                          3031 South 25Th                                                      Broadview , IL 60155



$ 40.00

1 Sunday @ the door


$ 120.00

4 Sundays

Impact’s Winter Skills Tune-Up Basketball Camp is for players that would like to stay “game ready” during their high school and middle school seasons. The Winter Tune-Up Camp is also a great tool for players to stay in shape for their AAU season.

This basketball camp will work on ball-handling, guard skills and post skill techniques and shooting, as well advance move techniques.

Campers will participate in one hour of skills & drills and one hour of control scrimmaging against man-to-man defense and zone defense. Learning these skills will show players when to attack or when to setup into team offense or formations.


4th - 9th Grade

Intermediate Level

January 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th


Beverly Center
3031 South 25th
Broadview, IL 60155


$ 120.00

No Walk-Ins

Must attend 3 Saturdays

First, in this basketball camp, we cover the basic hand placement of the shooting hand and the guide hand. This will be the same for the vast majority of our shooters. There are a few variances for special needs athletes. (For example, if one player has a different angle to his wrist, we will slightly change his/her hand placement.)

Shooting pocket is the point from where a shot is started. The player's shooting pocket will vary depending on their age, skill level, and strength

Alignment may very well be the single most important part of the shot. Assuming our shooter has established a good center of gravity, their hand, and most importantly, their elbow, must be aligned with their shoulder, which must be square to the basket. Our younger athletes tend to lack the necessary upper body strength to keep the elbow properly aligned on outside shots. However, they can have proper alignment when working on their form and while "form shooting". This is the goal of this part of our February basketball camp.

The release point is that point at which the shooter releases the ball. An improper release point is one of the reasons the ball will have little to no rotation. We'll work on this during the camp.

Follow Through with proper forearm and hand techniques will be covered in our February basketball camp. This is what causes the ball to have great rotation. Proper rotation is what will cause the basketball to have proper angle to grab the backboard or rim and look like a great shot. This is done by proper shooting drills with homework assignments. A good shooter must have Balance, eye contact with rim, elbow position and follow through.

Footwork skills will be honed, such as moving into your shot off the dribbling, proper Jump Stop as well as turnaround Jump shots.


3rd - 9th Grade

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Camp Director: Jordan Foster

Location: St Domitilla
4940 Washington St. Hillside, IL 60162

We Develop Our Players through Hard Work


Every Tuesday & Thursday

July 16 to August 8

JULY  16,18,23,25,30 |  August 1,6 ,8

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

8 Sessions

$ 200.00

4 Sessions

$ 120.00

Come and Join us at Impact dribbling camp, and you will notice your child’s improvement. Campers will be broken down into three different levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced players that need specialized dribbling skills.

Come to St. Domitilla starting July 16th.  Impact will be conducting Impact Annual Dribbling Camp for 1 ½ hours.  This camp will NOT HAVE MORE THAN 26 PARTICIPANTS.  Once we have reached the 26-participant capacity, the registration will be close.  Register early to reserve your spot.

 NOTE: This will be high intensity dribbling for all ages. Remember to bring a lot of water!

Dashon Enoch Iman Shumpert at Impact Basketball Camp in 2015

Impact's Dashon Enoch won MVP at Iman Shumpert's 2016 Basketball Camp.

Impact Basketball is a non-for-profit organization designed to help
boys and girls develop and improve their basketball skills.