A hoops program for W. Siders looks to Europe as a guide

Article in Austin Weekly News February 17, 2016

By Michael Romain

I grew up in North Lawndale. I was a statistic. “said James Foster, 59, and a head coach with IMPACT (short for Individuals Making Positive Alternative Choices Together ) basketball. The organization comprises a series of AAU (short for Amateur Athletic Union) and developmental basketball teams for kids ranging from second-graders to high-schoolers.

“But through the grace of God, my mom. my dad and my coach, I was able to make it. Back trhen we had more community involvement with kids. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have several mentors. One of my best mentors was an ex-army sargeant in my elementary school. The next one came when I was at Farragut, during its heyday. And the best one of them all was my father.”

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